Announcing the 2014 SGIUG Conference

Announcing the SGI User Group 2014 conference in San Jose, April 29 - May 1 2014 at the San Jose Airport Garden Hotel. $129 room rate is outstanding for the area. Check out the hotel web page for information on making hotel reservations. This hotel is in an area with shopping and places to eat, so you will be on your own for lunch.

You can now Register for the conference for $600.

There will be a tour of the local Intel operation with a reception on Tuesday April 29, 2014.

Keynote: Vectorization today uses "Not your father"s vectorizer.
James will focus on advances in vectorization and the interplay with multithreading which are crucial on the path to exascale computing. This will include a short tutorial on some of the exciting new features of OpenMP 4.0. Vectorization and multithreading are critical to achieving scaled performance on modern machines. The highly parallel Intel® Xeon Phi. coprocessor has helped motivate new interest, however the needs of an Intel® Xeon® processor are the same. The common programming model approach of Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors means that James can speak to how to solve the needs of processors in general and be addressing the programming needs of Intel processors, coprocessors and non-Intel processors alike.

James Reinders, Director of Parallel Programming Evangelism, Intel James is involved in multiple engineering, research and educational efforts to increase use of parallel programming throughout the industry. He joined Intel Corporation in 1989, and has contributed to numerous projects including the world's first TeraFLOP/s supercomputer (ASCI Red) and the world's first TeraFLOP/s microprocessor (Intel® Xeon Phi. coprocessor). James been an author on numerous technical books, including VTune. Performance Analyzer Essentials (Intel Press, 2005), Intel® Threading Building Blocks (O'Reilly Media, 2007), Structured Parallel Programming (Morgan Kaufmann, 2012), Intel® Xeon Phi. Coprocessor High Performance Programming (Morgan Kaufmann, 2013) and the soon to be released Multithreading for Visual Effects (A K Peters/CRC Press, 2014).

SGI Videos

Hadoop-WHAT? How to find that needle of information in your own Big Data haystacks

How do eBay and PayPal put Humpty Dumpty back together? With a little bit of help from SGI

The SGI User Group has celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2012. We began meeting in Orlando with Walt Brooks of NASA Ames as our President. A lot has happened in all these years, both with the SGI User Group and with SGI. For the last 2 plus years, SGI has taken a more supportive role in working with the user group. We appreciate their positive interest in advancing the work of the user group and growing its membership by giving added value to being a member.

DMF Users Group Meeting - Australia

We had a successful meeting in Perth at the Pawsey Centre in December, with about 25 attendees. See Attendees and Agenda.

The next meeting is likely to take place in Sydney, New South Wales in 2014, probably in the (southern hemisphere) spring. Updates for DMFUG

Membership Information

SGIUG Membership is free and is available to anyone who owns or uses SGI hardware or software, or who is an SGI business partner. SGIUG membership includes discounts in technical conference registration fees, access to papers presented at SGIUG conferences and to SGI white papers posted to their corporate web site at Members will get early notice of upcoming webinars and other SGIUG activities. More information will be posted soon on this site regarding how the members discounts will work, and we are sure you are going to like it.

To become a member of the SGI User Group, register for free at our registration page.

Questions and requests, contact Gary Jensen, or call 801-400-5050

About Us

The SGI User Group (SGIUG) is an independent, worldwide community focused on sharing information and improving the technical productivity of SGI® high-performance computing, data storage, and visualization systems.

The user group is open to all. We welcome new members, suggestions for activities, and volunteersto organize the user group. This new user group spotlights both the Linux® and IRIX® operating systems, creating a technical community for all SGI customers.

The SGI User Group is an ideal way to access tutorials and future plans from SGI and to have discussions with other users that will help you get more from your investment in SGI. This user group has a close relationship with SGI to ensure its success.

Overall mission of SGIUG is to serve as an open forum to foster exchange of ideas and and methodologies among computer scientists, researcher and engineers.The goal is:

  • to seek input from the entire high-end modeling, simulation and data mining community
  • to bring together experts for sharing best practice, tips, techniques and ideas on the use of various high-performance technologies
  • to meet other customers, collaborators, vendors
  • to learn about new products
  • to discover novel and innovative strategies/solutions
  • to expose issues and limitations concerning SGI and third-party vendors
  • to leverage the collective power to influence SGI and third-party vendors (COM)


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